7 Pineapple Costumes for Kids and Babies (and Fur Baby!)

Looking for ideas for Halloween or costume party? Hoping to serve up some fun fruit-filled tropical vibes? We have what you need.

Pineapples are an unexpected way to dress up the babies and kids for Halloween, a costume party, or anytime you want to mix it up. Never settle for ordinary when dressing up your little one for a fun day out. Your love of pineapples doesn’t need to stop at home decor, it can move out into the world in more fun ways then ever.

Scroll down to see if not only your baby needs to be dressed as your favorite bromeliad but your doggo too!

Number 1 – Cutest Pineapple in the Pineapple Patch!

Pineapple Cuteness Overload! This darling pineapple costume for baby comes as a three piece set for easy on and off, diaper changes, and costume changes. (Who says babies have only be in one costume for special occasions?) Your little pineapple will win all the costume prizes at every party and will get all the treats in their goody bag! Plus it looks toasty warm for those cool fall evenings. How could anyone say no to this?

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Number 2 – Pineapple Costume for Toddlers

Here’s a pineapple costume in a bubble style for that full pineapple look. Plenty of room for the walking running toddler with easy fasteners in the back for quick costume changes, diaper changes or bathroom breaks. The headpiece is separate for easy on and off. The tunic and headpiece are a set, leggings and long sleeves sold separately.

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Number 3 – Quick and Easy Kids Pineapple Costume

In a hurry? looking for a fast costume after being invited to your third Halloween party? This one is perfect! This two-piece felt costume (hat and tunic) is easily thrown over green leggings and long sleeved t-shirt for the complete look. This costume works for boys and girls and will be great to keep in the costume box for years to come! (click on the image to purchase from Amazon)

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Number 4 – Newborn Baby Pineapple Costume

For the wee new baby in your life who needs a darling costume for the coming Halloween party. Or maybe your love of new baby and pineapples go hand in hand so your photo shoot needs to be perfect. Either way, your tiny baby will fit perfectly into the body of this knitted pineapple sleeping bag with matching hat, topped with tiny pineapple leaves! This will be a treasured keepsake to store with first shoes, first blankets and first costumes.

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Number 5 – Extra Cute and Funny Baby Pineapple Costume

If you thought the last costume was precious, then this one will tickle your funny bone! Your baby will fit right in at any Halloween party or photo shoot with this four piece costume. Add green leggings and onesie and your little pineapple will be the rave of the party. Careful they don’t get put in the fruit salad!

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Number 6 – Last Minute Effortless Pineapple Costume for Older Kids

Time running tight? Older kids not cooperating with the whole Halloween vibe? Order up this hilarious t-shirt and headband your kid might just win the ironic/cynical/funniest costume prize. Easy sizing? Check. Right color? Check. Green leafy top? Check and check! If nothing else, they won’t get complaints from the neighbors about not having a costume on when they go trick or treating!

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Number 7 – Don’t Forget Fido!

Why let the kids have all the fun? If the dogs are going along to trick or treat, they need good costumes too. And who can resist a mini pineapple? They may get more treats than all of you combined! The pineapple costume comes in a variety of sizes for all your canine pals. Make a fruitebowl themed family picture and the dogs will fit right in! Create a whole pineapple patch of dogs for hilarious photo shoots and family fun for Halloween parties.

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