Beautiful Pineapple Stationery

Pineapples make me happy, but paper (and stationery in general) is my passion! I am a kid in candy store when it comes to cards, journals, writing paper and notepads (and more!). Putting pineapples on stationery is heaven to me.

Good old fashioned pens and paper make this Pineapple Queen very happy. I love the feel of a solid pen with smooth flowing ink in my hand as I write a love letter or a thank you card or even just jotting notes on a notepad. No task is too mundane to use a lovely writing instrument on equally lovely paper. I told my husband on our honeymoon in Italy that I would not be buying expensive Italian shoes or pricey Italian fashions. No. My money would be spent on luxury Italian paper. Note cards, notepads, journals, stationery sets, ink pots and fountain pens. I made good on my word and the paper items were purchased and carted home to be used up within the next year.

My paper supply is a constant flow of new paper in, letters sent, journals filled. I’m always on the prowl for stationery. And why not add two of my favorite things together? Pineapples and Paper!

Nico Made Pineapple Notebook

Photo by Pineapple Queen because of course I own one of these!

This sweet notebook will work beautifully on your desktop for quick thoughts, lists or ideas. These notebooks come from Nico Made – a stationery company in Honolulu Hawai’i. If the pineapple notebook is made where pineapples grow, it must be good! Plus the look is fresh and fun. What a lovely hostess gift, birthday gift or anytime gift to yourself.

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Pineapple Correspondence Cards

American Stationery is the go-to spot for customized stationery items of all kinds. Notepads, to-do lists, greeting cards, cocktail napkins and all kinds of personalized gifts. These pineapple themed correspondence cards are a great way to stay in touch, say thanks or send a casual invite. Personalize it for a friend and give it as a wedding or shower gift. The green background makes for a breezy and fun way to send love. The row of jaunty pineapples really puts you in a relaxed, tropical mode.

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Pineapple Custom Journal – Paper Source

Here is a notebook that you can customize all over the place! You can add a name on the cover and give it as a gift or buy one for yourself so everyone knows what a pineapple lover you are. Inside, you can choose between so many types of paper – blank, lined, grids or a datebook. I love the datebook option as it’s not limited to a particular year or calendar, it will never be out of date even if you skip a few weeks. A spiral spine is also handy for laying the book flat on your desk or table, or for folding the notebook on itself to save space or make it easier to write standing up, holding it in one hand.

Click here to make your own notebook.

Pineapple Custom Journal – Paper Source

I love love love some vintage imagery of pineapples! The colors here just pop and the two types of pineapple look great together (the left one almost looks like an artichoke!). The cross section of the fruit itself looks good enough to eat, like the juices will run right off the card. These yummy cards are four by six and are sold individually, though I don’t think I could buy just one! What a warm way to say hi to someone in a cold climate by sending such luscious tropical fruit images along with your own love. What a treat it would be to open up your mailbox and find this golden delight.

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Pineapple Notepads For Every Room – Paper Source

What a treat it would be to have these fun notepads all over the house. They dress up every nightstand, desk or sideboard they sit on. And since there hasn’t been one phone in the same spot in people’s houses for a long long time, notepads and pens can be anywhere! Having these stationed around the house along with a fun pineapple pen (see below) means you’ll always have a spot to take a message or make a reminder note to yourself after a call. Or whenever the genius idea arrives in your brain, you’ll have a friendly notepad there to write it down. Have them personalized and your birthday, holiday and wedding gift lists are taken care of.

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Make Your Own Pineapple Stationery: Stamp – Paper Source

Here’s a way to really personalize your stationery. Buy gorgeous blank stationery, then dress it up with a gorgeous golden pineapple stamp to leave your mark. This pineapple stamp measures 2 1/4 inches by 3 1/4 inches and will be a fun way to brighten up any correspondence. Buy yourself a variety of ink pads and make a rainbow of pineapples to really brighten someone’s mail box. These could be a fun way to wrap gifts – use plain white or craft paper to wrap a gift, then add a stamp two of this lovely pineapple.

Click here to get your stamp.

Here is some ink to go with your stamp:

Pineapple Pens

What goes great with pineapple stationery? Why a pineapple pen of course! These fun pens make a great accompaniment to the other poineapple themed notepads, stationery and other paper fun. Having these jaunty pens sticking out of a pen cup or in a desk drawer will always bring a smile when you need to write something down. Even just seeing them at rest might brighten your day.

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Okay, show of hands, who wants to have one of these in every pen cup in their home or office? Who wants a whole bouquet of them in your pen cup? Maybe these are cute for kids, but you know what? I would like to have them all for myself! Okay okay, I can share. Or at least buy a few more to share while keeping one hidden from the kids!

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