Get More Pineapple In Your Kitchen With Williams Sonoma

Maybe you got your pineapple jewelry and built your Pineapple She Shed and now you want your kitchen to have a lot more pineapple love in it. This Pineapple Queen has you covered with a little trip to Williams Sonoma!

I hear you out there: “Pineapple Queen, how can I get more pineapple into my kitchen?” I am here to help with a few lovely pineapple items for sale at Williams Sonoma – that California purveyor of fabulous kitchen equipment. I love to browse their catalog pages or their actual shelves, dreaming of the kitchen I could build around just that one perfect saucepan.

So let’s get to the kitchen and find some perfect pineapple pieces to add into what you already have!

Pineapple Waffle Maker

I had to start with this thing!

When I’m doing all this pineapple research and finding these fun things to share with you all, I often think “Oh, this {insert pineapple themed item here} is fun! Maybe I’ll get this some day or buy it as a gift for someone.” Then I’ll bookmark it and save for later. But this? THIS??? I must have this! I already have a regular Dash mini waffle maker and it’s so handy for so many things, not just waffles. Now, I really really really want to buy this little thing!! I’m pretty sure by the time you have read this post, I will have bought and made any number of pineapple waffles! Also? At 4 inches across, it won’t take up that much space in your kitchen! BONUS!

Dash Pineapple Mini Waffle Maker

Click here to buy this handy (and CUTE!) mini waffle iron.

Pineapple On The Stove Top

Copper pots are always an eye catcher on the stove top. They create a warm ambiance and elegant decor. These pots, however, go beyond mere warmth but also offer the chef’s kiss of class by having a pineapple as the knob on the lid! I mean, come one, how adorable, fabulous, wonderful is that?

This particular pot comes in a 5 1/2 quart size and oh wouldn’t it look grand in your kitchen?

Ruffoni 5 1/2 quart Copper Pot with Pineapple knob

What’s that you say? Too big? I got you covered because Ruffoni also makes a 3 1/2 quart size pot and omg I want to just hug it because it is SO CUTE! Look at that little guy! I don’t know if I could ever cook with it because I just like looking at its squat little shape. This is the kind of pot I would build a kitchen around. Or – I suppose – I would have to have both pots and build it around the pair. Fine. Twist my arm.

Ruffoni 3 1/2 quart Copper Pot with Pineapple Knob

Side note: would you call that pineapple a knob? Or a handle? Or a finial? Finial is accurate if we are only going to look at the pot, but we would use it as a handle or a knob, so I guess knob is better…

Buy the 5 1/2 quart copper pot here.

Find the cutest little baby copper pot here.

Staub Pineapple Knob

(Does that rhyme? Or do we say “staowb”?)

Perhaps you have a set of Staub pots that you already love and so the copper pots are not on your list. However, you might feel jealous of those pineapple knob/handle/finials on the Ruffonis. Never fear! Staub has your back with their own pineapple knob that you can buy to replace the original lid handles!

You know what it really is? Pineapple punctuation! Changing that one thing on an object takes it into a whole new realm of decoration and not to mention fun. This is an eye-catcher that will make all your guests smile.

Staub Pineapple Knob

Buy the Staub Knob here!

Baking In Pineapple Shapes

For dessert, why not create some wow factor with pineapple shaped mini-cakes? Nordic Ware makes this cake pan for six mini-cakes all with a pineapple motif. (Or “cakelet” if you prefer. I kind of do, now that I say “cakelet” over and over.) These would make PERFECT Victoria Sponge cakelets! If you haven’t every episode of the British Baking Show, when you make a Victoria Sponge, you cut them in half to create a sandwich style layer cake and add a curd or a preserve in the middle topped with buttercream frosting. Of course I’d have to make it a Pineapple jam! Making this type of cake let’s you retain the pineapple shape on top but can add more pineapple to the cake! (Dang it, now do I have to buy this cake pan as well and show you how?? Probably.)

Nordic Ware Pineapple Cakelet Pan

Buy this super fun cake pan here!

Pineapple Plates and Bowls

When it’s time to set the table, you can really wow your guests with these plates that are not obviously a pineapple, but upon closer inspection, they are. The texture is like pineapple skin and you get a graphic of the pineapple crown, as if you are looking down on it. I like this because not everything you own has to be in-your-face pineapple.

Pair these plates with the matching salad bowl and your table is subtly ready to welcome your lunch or brunch guests. Great for dessert service as well, you know, when you make the pineapple Victoria Sponge cakelets!

Click here for the pineapple plates.

Click here for the pineapple salad bowl.

Say Thanks With Pineapples

If you have been invited to a friends for a luncheon of soup (made in a copper pot with a pineapple lid) and salad (served in a pineapple bowl), followed up with pineapple cakelets, why not thank your lovely hostess with something you know she’ll love. You can find a whole collection of hostess gifts here, but here is one more to consider.

These lovely soap and guest towel sets are perfect for a powder room or guest bathroom. The soaps have a pineapple carved in and you can also add a monogram or a name to them. The soaps are very mildly scented with a “fresh water based fragrance.” The 12 disposable towels have an embossed pineapple on them to match.

Buy the set of soaps and towels, nicely boxed for easy gift giving, or just the soaps themselves.

Click here for the soap and towel set

Click here for just the soaps.

Your Kitchen Will Be More Welcoming Than Ever

Any of these fantastic pineapple items will spruce up your kitchen, or make great gifts. Do you know anyone that has recently remodeled their kitchen? Say congrats with one of these pineapple themed products. I’m off to make a pineapple Victoria sponge cakelet!

All images from Williams Sonoma and used with permission.

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