Pineapple Crafts At Michael’s

Do you love making things yourself? Do you love the bright sunny pineapple? Here are a few fun pineapple projects you can try to get more pineapple in your life.

Do you love crafting but sometimes get overwhelmed by all the amazing options? Start with a theme and that can lead you to your next craft project. Having a theme can also introduce you to a new type of crafting you might have wanted to try but hadn’t made time for. With the Pineapple as your starting point, you can find all kinds of crafts to try.

Whether you are an OG crafter or new to the game, start with Pineapples and find something fun to make! Let’s take a look at Michael’s for some fun options and projects.

A Quick Thanks

While Michaels didn’t sponsor this blog post, they did very kindly help me by providing images for each item I wrote about. All product photos courtesy Michaels.

Pineapple Beads And Charms

If you are into pineapples and beading and jewelry makings, Michael’s has a lot of options! There basic beads in pineapple colors, pineapple shaped beads and pineapple charms. All of these can be mixed and matched together or find complementary colors to add in – say a lush green or a darker gold.

Start with the basic beads. Here are some bright golden yellow glass beads called “Pineapple Jello”!!! Once I saw that name I just started giggling. I mean you could name your golden yellow beads anything you want, but “Pineapple Jello” just seals the deal!

“Pineapple Jello” John Bead Silver Lined Czech Glass Seed Beads 6-0

Click here to buy Pineapple Jello Beads!

But wait – Michael’s also carries glass “Pineapple Upside Down Cake” Beads! I KNOW, RIGHT?!? Look at these luscious things. It looks like a box of candy and I just want to eat them all up. I love the different pineapple chunk shaped pieces and the dark brown beads that mimic the caramelized goodness of the finished cake. (Click here for the history of pineapple upside down cake plus pics of my finished cakes!) The only thing missing is a cherry colored bead… (or click here for red beads that might go well on this pineapple upside down cake bead project!)

“Pineapple Upside Down Cake”

Click here to buy Pineapple Upside Down Cake Beads!

Add some whimsy to a bead / jewelry project with these charming ceramic pineapple beads. They would make fun pops of pineapple along a longer necklace or use one on a bracelet to be the focal point. They would also make cute little dangly earrings.

Yellow Pineapple Ceramic Beads 22mm by Bead Landing™

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If it is Pineapple charms you are looking for – Michael’s has a lot to choose from. They each have something different. The top left is a full 3d pineapple with hints of bling and a touch of green enamel in the leaves. The middle top is the perfect pineapple silhouette. Top right gives great color hits of yellow gold and green in the tops. Bottom left comes as a set with the pineapple, flamingo and monstera leaf. These are slider charms to lay flat on a bracelet. Lastly, the bottom right charm is again a set with a pineapple and monstera leaf plus lots of blingy stones!

You could make a really fun pineapple charm bracelet using a mix of all these charms. Or use one as the focal point of a beaded necklace. Your Pineapple project will look great with any of these options.

Click below to buy these charms:

3d Pineapple CharmClassic Pineapple CharmGold and Green EnamelSlider Charm SetBling Set

Pineapple Stencils

Stencils are kind of a cheat in terms of craft – a good cheat! Your creativity shines not with creating a stencil, but with how to take something ordinary and give it a Pineapple Punch! With a stencil, you can turn any everyday item into something special. T-shirts, pillowcases, tote bags, outdoor umbrellas, hoodies, outdoor furniture, backpacks, mailboxes, welcome mats, almost anything you can think of can all get a Pineapple Punch up. You can even create a simple piece of graphic art to hang on your wall. (Like in your Pineapple She Shed!) The stencil also lets you paint with different colors. Do a green top with a gold bottom! Or create a rainbow effect by painting stripes along the stencil or any other graphic option that comes to mind. Don’t be tied into one color in one spot – experiment!

This stencil is 12″ x 12″ (Approx. 30cm x 30cm) and has a lovely detailed floral scroll. It’s made of plastic and reusable. This one is a classy welcome symbol – try it with outdoor paint on a welcome mat!

Click here to buy the Classic Pineapple Stencil!

This stencil is a workhorse – made of mylar and reusable, it is 18″ x 18″ (Approx. 46cm x 46cm). This stencil has three different sized pineapple images on it so you can apply the Pineapple Punch to different sized items.

Click here to buy the Three Stencils In One!

Pineapple Needlework

I’ve never learned to do needlework, but have always thought it would be so relaxing. Knowing myself as well as I do, however, I’d want to start with something huge and difficult! Perhaps I best pick one of these three Pineapple needlework kits and see how I do before increasing the challenge.

Michael’s has three sets that are great for beginners and all come as sets with everything you need to finish the project. The blue/green gingham embroidery kit looks so darling! Once you finish it, it can be added to other things like a backpack or pillowcase. It is 6″ (approx. 15cm) when completed.

The second option is a punch needle kit, it creates a fuzzy texture when done and would be so cute on a jean jacket or tote bag! The punch needle finished pineapple is 3.5″ (approx. 9cm).

The last one is a cross-stitch kit and looks as sweet as the image suggests! This would look so cute in a guest room or powder room. The colors would make a nice pop in an understate color scheme. this one is also 6″ (approx. 9cm).

I’m really tempted to try the embroidery Pineapple. Which one would you choose?

Click to buy:

The Gingham Embroidery KitThe Punch Needle KitThe Sweet Cross Stitch Kit

Crafty Conclusion

No matter what style of crafting you do, Michael’s more than likely has what you need. Pick pineapple as your theme and go to town! Or try a new style of craft and see if your love of pineapples gets you to the end. I’m wondering how many times I might poke myself with an embroidery needle…

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