Pineapple Drinking Glasses

Looking for a fun hostess gift? Or need glassware for your next tiki themed party? Step right up to this post and feast your eyes on these practical, fun, and a few unexpected Pineapple themed drinking glasses!

If pineapples are you THING, then pineapple drinkware needs to be on your list, in your cupboards and on your dining room table at dinner. They can also be poolside, in your RV and especially in our home bar. Pineapple glassware says Welcome and offers up good hospitality in subtle and some not so subtle ways.

Read on to find some pineapple glassware you’ll want to buy for your self or give to friends.

Number 1 – Upside Down:

Darling little Pineapple Upside Down glasses for wine, whiskey, mai-tais or even desserts or ice cream. How fun would it be to be handed this little glass, filled something yummy. Maybe you are eating pineapple upside down cake for dessert and then realize you are holding an after dinner drink in an upside down pineapple! That would be a fun suprise! Each glass holds approximately 8oz (250ml) and comes in a set of two. Buy it from Amazon.

Number 2 – Pool Side Pineapple:

Enjoy those sunny days of summer with a refreshing drink in these shatterproof pineapple style glasses. Will friends be coming over to swim and sun? Make sure each feels welcome with a cold beverage, be it pineapple juice, ice tea with a refreshing pineapple spear, beer, wine or a pineapple smoothie. So many options for a leisurely day by the pool. Each glass holds approximately 16 ounces (450 ml) and comes in a set of six. Buy it from Amazon.

Number 3 – Party Pineapple

Daiquiri Anyone? Fill these glasses with your favorite boozy slushy drink or colorful smoothies for the whole family. Or maybe just a break from work with a tall glass of ice tea. Take a moment to relax and think about your next trip to Maui. The warm beaches, the crystal clear water, the amazing tropical fish you see while diving or snorkeling. Ahhhh, that’s it. Now you are in the pineapple groove! Each glass holds approximately 17 ounces (460ml) and comes in a set of four. Buy it from Amazon.

Number 4 – Stack-able Pineapple

I love this set so much, I almost want to buy them for myself and everyone on my gift list. They also make me want to build a she-shed or man cave with a pineapple theme so these can have pride of place on the bar cart or breakfast table. I mean, glasses that stack and store as a pineapple? Come on! That’s a dream come true for pineapple aficionados. Okay okay, even if you simply have a tiny tiki bar collection, these would be perfect for your as decoration and / or glassware. Each glass holds approximately 10 oz (250ml) and comes as a set of four. Buy it from Amazon.

Number 5 – Got You Covered!

These glasses each come with straws and a pineapple top lid. Impress your guests with their tropical beverage in these whimsical glasses. They also look great on your bar when not in use. Each glass holds approximately 15 oz (450ml) and comes in a set of two. Buy it from Amazon.

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