Pineapple Jewelry

Jewelry is a fantastic way to show your love of pineapples. Whether a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, there are so many lovely pieces to choose from.

People have been decorating themselves since the earliest day of human existence. Strings and loops fit easily around necks and wrists, even tiny ones around fingers. Soon bone and metal were shaped and sculpted into jewelry and precious gems were added to give sparkle and show off wealth. Today you can find all kinds of jewelry to suit any taste

If your taste runs to pineapples, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for some fantastic selections of pineapple jewelry that will be sure to tempt you!

Do You Have Enough Stacking Pineapple Bracelets?

No, you don’t. How do I know? Because you need to have these in and amongst the others! They will easily slide right into your pineapple bracelet collection. Look at all those colors! I love a pop of color with metal bangles and cuffs. And this are stretchy so fit is yet again not a problem! Buy a rainbow set for your best girlfriends, your bridesmaids, your mom! Heck, there might be a guy or two in your life that would be happy to wear these. The pineapples are the keystone to the bracelet.

Go get some on Etsy! You know you want to.

Pineapple Locket (and a bit of locket history)

Lockets were created to hold something near and dear to the owner’s heart. It might have been a lock of hair, or a small image of a loved one – a spouse or parent or child. It might have been an image of the king or queen to prove your royal loyalty. Perhaps there was a secret letter that needed to be kept close, then a locket was the thing to have. And they didn’t have to be a pendant on a necklace, they sometimes came as rings or were added to a pocket watch chain.

Here is a fabulous pineapple locket to hold a love lock of hair or a sweet image of someone near and dear to your heart. The pineapple gives it a warm tropical vibe as well as a vintage feel. The openwork cover piece gives a peek into the locket’s contents when filled, almost a bit of mystery.

Click here to buy this pineapple locket from Cosmic Firefly on Etsy.

Pineapple Charm Combo

This sweet little pineapple charm comes with another personalized charm. (You can get an initial, a horoscope sign or a heart stamped into it.) The two together make for a warm pairing and would be such a lovely birthday gift. Consider it for a Mother’s Day gift or graduation. It would work equally well for a Sweet 16 or Quinceanera. Pineapples are fun on their own, but adding that personal touch makes it all the more special.

Buy and personalize these charms from Etsy.

Tiny Pineapple Earrings

The store name is Lilliput Little Things and ooooh these earrings fit right into that description. Your love of pineapples doesn’t need to be shouted from the rooftops, it can be a sly nod or a quick wink. These earrings are made for summer fun, fitting in nicely with sandals and sunglasses, tanned shoulders and sandy feet. Or wear them in the dead of winter as a reminder that summer will come again with sunshine and fun.

Find these cuties in the Lilliput store on Etsy

Pineapple Ankle Bracelet

Nothing says hot weather, summertime, beach, and vacation more than a fabulous anklet. Barefoot or sandals, bathing suit or shorts, your ankle begs for some bling in hot weather! These lovely pineapple anklets are just the thing for those summery days. These come in three colors: silver, gold and rose gold. And that little wink of a pineapple is the chef’s kiss of perfection. Having a beach wedding? Here’s a perfect bridesmaid gift. Girls Trip? Pineapple Anklets for everyone! Best to stock up!

Buy these summer must-haves here on Etsy.

Pineapples and Girlfriends Forever

When you think of the word “Dainty” these darling little rings should pop right into your mind! Buy multiples to stack up on your fingers, they are adjustable so no need to worry about sizing. The variety of colors makes for easy pairings or pile them on for a fun mix and match. The opals that make up the pineapple body are also fun colors – and opals always have a special sparkle unique among gemstones. Looking for a Galentine’s gift? These are perfect! What about Bridesmaids? CHECK! Mother’s Day? Also an excellent idea. Maybe you want one for yourself to remind you of that great tropical trip you took. Or you just love pineapples and must have one!

Buy these little dainties on Etsy.

More Rings To Stack

I love this style of ring where the open ends are on the top of your finger and both have a design element to them. These rings come in three colors, silver, gold and rose gold and are adorned with sparkles of cubic zirconia. Hmmm, maybe one of each to stack and then one of each to give as gifts? So hard to choose just one!

Buy them all here on Etsy

Put A Pineapple Ring On It

I LOVE rings shaped like this to begin with – an unexpected open space, but then to make that negative space in a pineapple is extra super fantastic! (I also love the other rings in their collection, especially the Monstera leaf!) What an elegant way to show your pineapple love without screaming to the heavens. Also, if you wear this on your beach vacation, you might get a pineapple tan line! I love also that the ring comes in “thin” or “thick” so you can choose your level of heft for this fabulous ring.

Buy it here on Etsy

Rings Need A Place To Live!

Once you have piled on all those fabulous gold pineapple (and rainbow and monstera and wave) rings, you will need a place to put them all. Here is just the dandy thing for it – a pineapple ring holder! How perfect. This jaunty little pineapple ring holder is about 6 inches (~15cm) wide so it will hold a lot of your bling, maybe even a few of your new bracelets as well!

Get Your ring holder right here.

Another Pineapple Ring Holder

Another option for your pineapple rings and trinkets is this sweet, hand-made, hand-painted pineapple dish. The gold accents highlight all your lovely baubles and make a snug spot to keep your sparkly things handy. Perfect gift for: Bridesmaids, Valentines, Mother’s Day, birthdays and more.

Buy this pineapple ring dish from Etsy here.

Pineapple Bangles

If I’m not careful, I’ll buy two of each color and wear them all at once like a single giant colorful bracelet! I can also think of about….mmmm….ten or twelve people I could easily give these to! Maybe I should stock up to always have handy as gifts when birthdays and holidays and special days come up. Who could say no to these fun and elegant bangles? Whether you are heading the beach or a tiki party (or both!) these fit right in.

but which color to choose??

Buy these lovelies on Etsy.

Cuff Bracelets Full Of Pineapples

Here’s another fun way to show off your pineapple love. These adjustable cuff style bracelets come in three types of metal (aluminum, brass and copper) and all feature this jaunty row of alternating up and down pineapples. This would be a fun addition to a pile of bracelets and bangles on your arm. They also make nice gifts for friends and family. Handy too that they don’t need sizing. Share the pineapple love!

Choose a cuff at the Etsy store.

Hand Woven Hemp Pineapple Bracelet

Okay. I’ll stop with the hard sell on piles of bracelets. How about a hand woven hemp bracelet that is not only adjustable but features a bright golden pineapple? This colorful creation can be modified with the hemp thread color of your choosing (or two colors to create your own special combo). It’s adjustable so you can easily take it on or off. This is another great idea for gifts, parties, swag bags or when you next step off the plane on Maui.

Buy it here on Etsy.

A Complete Pineapple Set

Look at this darling set of pineapple jewelry! A ring, a necklace and earrings that all quietly show off their golden goodness. I love the bright green crowns that set off the golden bodies. Wear them all together or one piece at a time. Stack that ring with others you found here!

Buy the set on Etsy

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