Pineapple Party Supplies

If Pineapples are your thing, here is a sampling of some fantastic party supplies for your next tropical get-together. From plates, cups and serving wear to napkins, decorations and gift bags, you’ll find things here to brighten up your pineapple party.

When coming up with a theme for a party, Pineapples are perfect. The symbol for good hospitality and a welcoming spirit, Pineapples will make your guests smile. The golden sunny fruit will brighten any party, even in the depths of winter. Maybe the depths of winter is the BEST time to have a pineapple party! With pineapple shaped platters to hold your pineapple upside down cake and pineapple cups filled with delicious pineapple juice or tart pineapple cocktails, your pineapple party will make everyone feel very welcome and lift their spirits!

Scroll down to find that perfect party decoration or pineapple pu-pu platter. There are many things to choose from and links to buy or discover even more!

Pineapple Welcome Banner

Your guests will feel the warm aloha welcome to your tropical themed party the second they arrive when they see this banner. The pineapples add that touch of hospitality and fun. Put up a few of these banners to keep the theme going through the house, the kitchen and into the garden.

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Mini Pineapple Garland

These adorable mini pineapples will brighten up any room at a pineapple themed party. Pineapples this tiny and cute can fit into any nook or cranny! Line bookshelves, hang them off your kitchen bar, add them to your mantle or surround a windows. They are too cute not to be included in any pineapple party! Each pineapple is approximately 2″ by 4″ and the garland is 8′ long.

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Rainbow Pineapple Garland

If you like your pineapples with rainbows, this garland is for you! The tropics are full of rainbows and your tropical pineapple themed party should be too. Add these sturdy garlands inside or attache them between trees or along a fence line in the backyard. Each pineapple is approximately 5″ by 7″ on a 7′ string.

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Pineapple Lantern

Add a flickering candle to this pineapple lantern and enjoy the sunny glow. Put this lantern on the table or on a sideboard and add a votive candle and everyone will feel the tropical vibes. For parties with multiple tables, buy enough to have a lantern on each table to really set the scene. Or hang from a tree or over the buffet table. These little lanterns are made of wood with a jute handle and are 3.5″ by 3.5″ by 6″ and come in a set of two.

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Pineapple Accordion Paper Lanterns

Floating pineapples anyone? If your tropical party is outside, these bright paper lanterns will add a golden touch to trees or bushes or fences. Add your own electric votive candle to really add a touch of warmth. The lanterns come in a set of twelve and measure 6″ by 12.5″.

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Pineapple Centerpiece – Set Of 4

Talk about your pineapples! Your buffet table will be the center of the pineapple fun when you set up these bold and colorful pineapples as decoration. Or scatter them on cocktail or dinner tables and surround them with all the delicious pu-pus and tropical drinks you can find and your guests will feel transported to a warm pacific island. These stand approximately 6″ by 10″ wide and come in a set of 4.

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Sparkly Pineapple Centerpieces

If you like a bit more sparkle to your pineapple, (and really, who wouldn’t?) here is a set of three centerpieces for your disco luau or Christmas luau (Mele Kalikimaka!) or any kind of luau! Put the foam pieces together and scatter them across the buffet table or dinner table or bar. Heights range from 6 to 16 inches tall and come in three colors.

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Pineapple Treat Stand

If you want your pineapple centerpieces or table toppers to actually do some work, this large pineapple treat stand is what the doctor ordered. Guests will love this giant pineapple that holds all the yummy treats your party has to over. Cupcakes, cookies, and I hope some mini pineapple upside down cake will tempt anyone over to the big pineapple. Approximately 17″ by 40″.

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Pineapple Snack Boxes

If your pineapple themed party has a sweet treat buffet, these little boxes are perfect! They hold about a cup of treats so fill ’em up with popcorn or a wide variety of pineapple flavored candies! They are excellent gifts to take home once the candy is eaten or to take over any leftovers. (Would there be any pineapple candy leftovers? Doubtful…) They come twelve in a set and are approximately 3″ by 4″.

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Gold Pineapple Beverage Napkins

No matter what kind of beverage you are serving – daiquiris, mai-tais, margaritas, pineapple cosmos, straight juice, punch or soda – everyone will love the gorgeous gold napkins to go under each drink. Tiny shiny pineapples will make every beverage taste sweeter somehow, you wait and see. Or use them to hold delicious finger foods from the buffet. They comes in sets of 16 and are 5″ square.

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Modern Pineapple Beverage Napkins

If you like your pineapple decor a bit more on the modern side, these fab napkins are it. Bold colors in whimsical styles dress up these white beverage or appetizer napkins. They could be the one subtle pineapple item on your table or part of a wild ensemble of pineapple decorations! 16 napkins to a set, 5″ square.

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Pineapple Cups With Lids

Beverage napkins require beverages and these delightful plastic lidded cups are just the thing! Blend up a tropical pineapple smoothie for your pineapple themed brunch or mix tart pineapple cocktails, poolside. Going camping and need to take the pineapple theme going? Now you can! Each cup comes with a lid that has a hole for a straw. Comes in a set of 12 and each cup holds about 10 oz.

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Pineapple Tumblers

You can’t go wrong with a traditional party tumbler, especially when it comes embossed with the symbol of hospitality. Great for party games and poolside refreshment. Once the party is over, guests can take them home or wash them out and stash them in your RV for your next road trip! Comes in a set of 12 and each tumbler holds about 12 oz.

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Pineapple Bowls

I suppose you have to eat at a party and not just finger foods, so you’ll need something to put them on. Oh you can find a myriad of pineapple themed paper plates of course! But these fantastic pineapple bowls really take the cake! The pineapple upside down cake that is! Or fill it pineapple ice cream sundaes. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself as you can of course eat pineapple fried rice out of these as well! They brighten up every table and can be used over and over. These bowls are about 6″ by 9″ and come in a set of 12.

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