Pineapple Pillows To Fit Any Decor

Pineapples are a traditional symbol of hospitality and welcome. Make your guests feel right at home with any of these gorgeous pineapple pillows.

Accent pillows are a fantastic way to easily change your decor without spending a lot of time and hassle. Adding a pop of color or a bold graphic can brighten up your bedroom, guest room, living room or deck (even your RV!) without adding a lot of expense. If you like to change the look of your rooms as teh seasons change, throw pillows are an ideal way to achieve a new look.

If pineapples are your favorite icon, image or symbol, keep scrolling for a fun collection of pineapple pillows for every room in your house.

Classic Hooked Pineapple Pillow

The classic look of a hooked pillow is so fresh and modern. The bright punch of the golden pineapple and the green leaves catches the eye. You can almost smell the sweet scent of ripe pineapple and you may be transported to a sunny beach with a cool drink in your hand, the warm air gently tousling your hair. Transport your company to a beachy place, no matter where you live or what the weather is outside. 18″ by 18″

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Petite Hooked Pineapple Pillow

If you are going all in on pineapple throw pillows, make sure to throw this one on the pile. Who doesn’t love a cozy mound of pillows, especially when they have the soft tufts of a hooked pillow and double especially when they look this adorable. Coming in at 8″ by 8″ this sweet little pillow can fit anywhere and will look right at home with the family of larger pineapple pillows.

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Unexpected Pineapple Pillow!

When I first saw this, I did a double take. Wait — was that actually a pillow? Technically a pillow? or a sculpture? Yes to all of the above! The colors are subtle, but the silhouette is obviously pineapple! It will combine nicely with many color schemes and styles. Put it on a shelf or add it to the guest bed decorations. Use it as a centerpiece on your entry way console table to really welcome people into your home. Approximately 6″ by 15″.

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Vintage Inspired Needlepoint Pineapple Pillow

This pillow makes a statement in any home with it’s vintage inspired pineapple done in shades of grey with a creamy background. It will fit nicely with any color scheme and look especially good against a bold couch or chair cushion. Or maybe perfect accent to a modern guest room with crisp white linens and a dark headboard. So many ways to style this gorgeous pillow. 14″ by 14″

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Graphic Art Pineapple Pillow

Here’s a modern take on a pineapple pillow. I love the loose loops of the pineapple leaves and golden diamonds on the body of the pineapple. The fresh take on a classic is always warm and welcoming. If your house is decorated in a more traditional manner, this jaunty pillow might be perfect as an unexpected pop in the guest room, or in the den. 16″ by 16″

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A Variation On A Graphic Pineapple Pillow

Go with a wild version of a pineapple with these blue spiky leaves. The graphic design adds life and movement to any room, catching the eye with its color contrasts. Is blue your favorite color? This fits right in. Do you like pineapples but want something a bit different to add to your collection? This will make people look twice, then smile to be greeted by the unexpected pineapple. 16″ by 16″

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Indoor/Outdoor Vintage Style Pineapple Pillow

Your deck or pool house will welcome all with this wonderful vintage style image of a pineapple. But don’t keep the rest of the house without a few splashes of pineapple. Your and your guests will be transported to the beaches on Maui, soaking up that warm tropical sun. It also will look great in a dorm room, RV, or guest room. Make sure to get enough to create a fabulous pineapple patch. 18″ by 18″

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“Be A Pineapple” Motto Pillow

Send your guests, friends and family a message on how inspiring a pineapple can truly be! Add this to your guest room to remind loved ones to stand tall and be sweet. The tropical theme works on your patio, in a pool house, beach house or RV. Or any sunny themed room in your house. A wonderful, tropical way to live your life. Maybe a friend needs a gentle reminder or maybe a sweet reward for living a sweet life. 10″ by 10″

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Indoor/Outdoor Pink & Blue Beach Themed Pineapple Pillow

This pillow is exactly what I picture on a squishy couch on the deck of a beach house. After a long day in the sun and surf, it would be the most welcoming site, a place to lean back and relax with a mai-tai, a margarita or even just a pineapple smoothie. With sun-kissed faces, you and your friends will be feel the warm welcome these pillows offer after a hard day of beach time fun. The lightness and joy this accent brings to any couch, poolside, inside or out is gorgeous. 18″ by 18″

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Holiday Wreath Embroidered Pineapple Pillow

Jingle bells, reindeer and…pineapples?? Of course! Nothing says warmth and welcome more than pineapples. The holidays are an excellent time to decorate not only with lights and wreaths, garlands and trees, but throw pillows as well. Bring the holidays to guest rooms for visitors coming to share some holiday cheer, or out in the living room as a festive backdrop to holiday parties and gatherings. Adding pineapples on this gorgeous embroidered pillow just adds to the spirit.

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