Pineapple Themed Beach Vacation

Take your pineapples to the beach! Create a Pineapple themed beach vacation for a summer trip to remember! (or Lake or River – we are not fussy!)

Pineapples belong on all your beach vacation accoutrements: towels, hats, bags, cover ups, bathing suits, flip flops, cups, you name it! We will explore all kinds of ways a vacation at a beach house can be made even sunnier with the fabulous pineapple as your theme.

Read on for creative ways to go to the beach or create a fun pineapple themed beach vacation. Of course it could also be a lake or river vacation!

A Perfect Beach House

Imagine your front yard as warm sand with gentle lapping waves and shady palm trees. Put a couple of lounge chairs and umbrellas up and your beach vacation is ready. My perfect beach house has a wide open kitchen and living spaces looking out onto the ocean, a huge lanai deck with lots of eating and lounge areas, plus a grill and fire place or fire pit. Then just a step or two down to the sand then the water. (Oh, can you picture that fabulous outdoor shower off to the side for your transition from beach to house? Me too.)

Inside this fantasy beach house, there are tons of bedrooms full of comfy beds for you and your whole family and/or guests. Also plenty of bathrooms with deep bathtubs and showers. Windows everywhere so you can see the ocean, palm trees, puffy clouds and the stars a night. Maybe you end up sleeping on the lanai one night because you want to be filled with starlight.

>>Sigh<< Sign me UP!

Create A Theme For Your Vacation Rental

For your next vacation rental, consider having a theme, especially if it’s a big group. A family reunion or wedding or special celebration of any kind can be made more fun when you do that something extra for everyone joining in the fun. Since I’m currently fantasizing about beach houses and this is a website about all things pineapple, I’m going to use the golden fruit as an example on how to do this.

Start with a place to stay and how long you’ll be there. If your stay is about a week, that makes theming it up even better. Pick your theme – PINEAPPLE! Then make a list of all the things you can get to put that theme in action.

Find That Beach House!

Did you know you can search AirBnb by type of house? Farms, Mansions, Treehouses, Cabins, Islands, Yurts, and more! (My personal favorite is A-Frame.) And of course BEACH. Get that mouse clicking on the zillions of options, use the map feature to find a location that suits you best then find that beach house! Big or small, whatever suits, just make sure you are excited about this particular destination.

Send out the invites and confirm the number of guests. If it’s a big group with multiple families or groups of friends, you could tag team with others to pull all these pineapple themed ideas together and spread any expense. Also, getting everyone on board a theme could be fun if they all do their own spin on it. Maybe you are renting three places side by side so each place could have it’s own version of the chosen theme. Then you can mix and match over the course of the trip.

Make A List Of Items For The Pineapple Theme

This can be as simple as bringing pineapple cups, napkins and cutlery to having personalized wine glasses with pineapples and each person’s name. So many things can be pineappleized! (Yes, I did just make up a word.)

  • cups
  • napkins
  • cutlery
  • wine glasses
  • paper plates
  • decorations
  • beach towels
  • tote bags
  • toiletry bags
  • flip flops
  • beach toys
  • umbrellas
  • hats
  • bathing suits
  • coverups
  • t-shirts
  • beach chairs

Divide and conquer on who might bring what items and make sure there is enough lead time to personalize if that is what you want to do. If it’s just straight up Pineapples, then that’s even easier. Let’s look at a few examples of items you can get.

You can get a lot of things on this list from a store like Party City. There is a whole blog post on Pineapple themed party decorations. Click here to see a lot of golden fun options.

Pineapple Beach Flip Flops

If kids are coming along, get their sizes and order up some of these super cute pineapple flip flops!

Grown ups can get their own too!

Pineapple Hats

Another fun gift for everyone is a hat. Pick a few styles, colors and sizes and put them all in a big basket for everyone to choose from. There are so many styles to choose from: trucker hats, bucket hats, straw hats, even one for baby!

Pineapple Beach Over Up

Sometimes you need to cover up after some sun. Here is a fun pineapple cover up for her and another for the pineapple girls at the beach! I love the fun tassels on the grown up one and the super cute mini tassels on the mini one!

Pineapple Board Shorts For The Guys

The girls don’t get to have all the fun! Guys can get in on the pineapple beach style with board shorts a la pineapple! There many to choose from, including these cool black and white trunks – fun but subtle. Then these others that are brighter. You can find all kinds of wacky pineapple prints for board shorts – give them a shot, it’s a beach vacation after all, the perfect time to bust out the fun swim shorts!

Pineapple Beach Totes

For a roundup of ten pineapple tote bags, check out this article. Scroll on down for a few more ideas. Sometimes you need a lot of room in your bag to only make one trip to the water’s edge. This tote has tons of space and long handles to put over your should or hold in your hand. Or get someone to help you and you each grab a handle. Let them know you are a Fine Apple!

Perhaps your lounge chair is already for you and all you need are a book, a water bottle, some fruit and your phone. This little mini tote carries all that then holds your cover up as you lounge in the sun.

Pssst! You can get the matching flip flops!

Perfect Pineapple Umbrella

Sometimes you love the sun, sometimes the shade. You can have both at your beach house vacation with this fab pineapple umbrella. It offers 100% UV, protection, comes with a bag to create a sand anchor, is built for the beach and I personally love the fringe.

Buy it from Amazon

And ooh, here is a handy umbrella tray to keep all your beach snacks and drinks up off the sand. I love this little invention, even if it isn’t pineapple themed. You could put pineapple stickers on it though…

Also available on Amazon.

Pineapple Beach Chair

You’ll need a chair to sit on under the umbrella, of course. This Tommy Bahama pineapple chair works perfectly. It has a lot of features – tons of storage, a pillow, it can lay flat and also has backpack straps for easy carrying to your spot in the sand. When you are not lying flat, there is a spot to hang your towel – how handy!

Buy the chair on Amazon.

Make It Happen!

Are you ready? Is your head buzzing with great ideas for a pineapple themed beach vacation? I hope I’ve given you tons of ideas for all the ways you can create a fun theme around your vacation. Your family and friends and all who stop by will remember the vacation and talk about for years to come. “Remember when we had that great pineapple vacation??” Let’s Go!

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