Pineapple Themed Hostess Gifts

When you need to bring a hostess gift for a nice long visit to a friend, or when the holidays are coming and you need a last minute gift, here are some great ideas for all the pineapple lovers in your life!

Brighten up their kitchens or bathrooms or RV or campers with the tropical punch of pineapple. For anyone on your gift list, pineapples always bring a smile. They say “Welcome!” and symbolize warmth and hospitality, things we all love to share with our friends and family. You can never go wrong by gifting with pineapples.

Below are a few of the things we would love to give as gifts and, to be honest, receive!

Tropical Punch Dish Towels

Any kitchen would love to be this sunny, this tropical, this bold. In the depths of winter, these bright Swedish dish cloths will liven up any sink longing for the sunny days of summer. Maybe there is a beach vacation in the future and the anticipation is high. Your gift recipient will be smiling, washing their dishes, thinking of you for giving them such a lovely gift and about their tropical vacation to come. These come in a set of six. Each towel is microfiber and can be washed in the dishwasher or the washing machine.

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Done With The Washing, Now Comes The Drying

This set of four pineapple themed dishtowels (18 x 28 inches) pair so nicely with the Swedish dish cloths above! Once the dish cloths have done their job washing, these beauties come in handy for the drying. Once these have done their duty, they will hang nicely in the kitchen, brightening up any corner. Buy a set for yourself!

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Pineapple Wire Basket

So many things collect on kitchen counters and tables. This fab basket will do the trick to hold fruit, mail, napkins, snack bags, whatever you like, even a pineapple! It’s 2 inches deep and 10 inches long, a perfect gift to thank a hostess for a lovely visit or a housewarming gift make the hospitality keep on going.

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Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shakers

These are SO CUTE I might have to just keep a stash of them in my closet and give them to everyone all the time! They would be a great birthday gift, hostess gift, secret Santa gift, baby shower give-aways, prizes for games at a baby shower and on and on! They are so bright and sunny, they bring a smile to anyone that sees them. Only about three inches high, they are not obtrusive, but make a sweet visual punch in the kitchen or on the breakfast table or breakfast in bed tray.

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Pineapple Paper Towel Holders

Do you know someone who just remodeled their kitchen? Help them add a little touch of hospitality with this oh so subtle pineapple paper towel holder. Made of wrought iron and built to last through miles of paper towels over the years, it fits in with all kinds of color schemes and designs. Sleek enough to be on the counter in full view and holds even the largest jumbo rolls of towels.

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Sunny Paper Towel Holder

For a burst of color that pops against a white paper towel, this holder will beam across the kitchen with its sunny yellow/orange. This paper towel holder would also work great at a picnic or tropical themed party. How great would it look out by the pool for your pool parties or when you go camping? So many options on where to use it! Might need to get two.

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Modern Pineapple Microfiber Kitchen Rugs

No matter how careful you are, water always seems to splash on the floor when doing the dishes! Who wouldn’t love these unexpectedly modern pineapple carpets to catch splashes and look cool at their sink or near the dishwasher? As a set of two, maybe one lives in front of the washing machine in the laundry room, or in the bathroom as a bath mat. The microfiber carpet has a rubber, non slip backing and they are machine washable. (yay!) The large one is 17×47″ and the small one is 17×29″.

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Pineapple Colanders

Here is a sweet and subtle way to get some pineapple injected into a kitchen! Your hostess might first look at them and wonder, “Why are they giving me some plain old colanders?” But then they will look again and see the fun pineapple cut-outs. These colandars come as a handy nesting set. Great for draining pasta, as a fruit bowl or to wash your fruits and veggies.

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Ceramic Pineapple Tray

If I opened this gift from a friend, I would give a little shriek of delight! There are so many ways to use this jaunty little tray you might have to rotate it around the house. It could be a soap dish, a ring tray, a key holder at your entry way. It would make an excellent spoon rest and even a business card holder! So many happy uses for this sweet little ceramic pineapple tray. Approx. 4″ x 8″

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Refillable Pineapple Soap Dispenser

This Pineapple soap dispenser just makes my day, it’s so cute! What a great gift for a hostess to put in their guest bathroom, or at their kitchen sink or even into an RV. It holds almost 12 ounces and can be refilled with your favorite soap again and again. How fun would it be to have a whole pineapple themed powder room? This would fit right in and make any guest feel welcome.

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Pineapple Measuring Spoons

These are way too cute to be left in a drawer. If giving these to a friend, they might need to come with their own display hook so they don’t have to hide away. And wouldn’t they be great in a pineapple themed gift bag? A nice sized gift that pairs nicely with so many other house oriented gifts. Not to mention great Secret Santa or stocking-stuffer gifts. Practical and pretty!

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