The Popularity of Printables

In this digital age, you might think stationery and paper products are in decline, but in fact they are as popular as ever. And while online shopping and shipping is second nature you might be surprised to know that printables are a popular way to get your stationery, journal, or scrapbook page fix (among others!)

What are printables? Why are printables so popular? The demand for printables has risen for many reasons. They are customizable, take up no space in your house or office, are reusable and inexpensive to name just a few. The amount of styles and colors and themes are endless. You can make them yourself or you can buy them online. You may discover an artist whose style you like and support them by buying their products. There are so many options!

There is more to discuss about the popularity of printables, then we’ll take a look at some fun examples of pineapple printables available to buy and download!

What Are Printables?

Printables are drawings or graphic designs or artwork or coloring pages or pages of any kind that you can download and print at home. They might be stationery, bookmarks, calendar pages, journal pages, scrapbook inserts, place cards and more. You can find free printables of all kinds and you can find highly designed printables for varying prices depending on the product and level of design. You can find most for under $5. Once you buy them, they are yours to print over and over.

Printables Are Easy To Make Or Buy

There are so many websites and apps that make graphic design easier than ever these days. You don’t need a degree or years of graphic design school to start creating your own fun graphics. The tools available, many of them free, make it easy to start. Once you get on a roll, you’ll be creating your own stationery, calendars, invitations and daily planner pages in no time. Maybe you homeschool – creating printables for lessons and classes is easier than you think.

What if you don’t have the time to create your own? You are in luck. Plenty of people are making printables and selling them. A quick search on Etsy alone will make your eyes spin with possibility. The amount of styles and colors and creativity available is mind blowing! You might find something you could have never created or even thought of on your own and it’s there for a great price, ready to download. Then it is yours to print and use on your own projects.

Printables Are Customizable

Depending on the printable, sellers might offer customization. Maybe you are looking for wedding place cards. Do a search for “printable wedding place cards” and you’ll find an amazing variety of colors and styles to choose from. Often, the seller will also offer customization in two ways. They might do the names themselves and send you the finished files or they give you a link to a free website that makes it easy for you to create the names needed, then print yourself.

Depending on the file type you purchase and level of your tech skills, you might also be able to add your own information to the item. You could add your name to the tops of day planner pages or add photos to stationery or calendar pages. The variety of ways you can buy and use or resue the printables are endless.

Printables Are Not Expensive, Many Are Free

If you are homeschooling and need a quick art lesson but don’t have time to make one yourself, you can easily have it ready to go in seconds and for free! Or you can find more detailed and descriptive projects to download and print for your students for a modest fee. Teachers Pay Teachers is a fantastic website for this. Teachers create and upload projects of all styles and grade levels. Personally this site saved my bacon during the pandemic as I was the third grade volunteer art teacher and when I needed something I could send to all the kids (due to zoom school) printables were super handy! I was so happy to pay another teacher for a last minute art project!

There are lots of free printables online as well! The styles and creativity might not be up to the level of of what you’ll need for an invitation or journal, but if you need something to keep the kids busy on a rainy day a quick click and print will get you what you need!

Printables Don’t Suffer From Supply Chain Woes

Clicking “download” is your supply chain. The signal from your computer to your printer is your other supply chain. As long as the wifi holds up, there is no waiting! And even if the wifi does go down, maybe you still have a USB cable somewhere… 🙂 And since there is no physical supply chain, that means…

Printables Are A Green Product

No shipping costs or fuel used. No pollution created. No adding to your carbon footprint. No packaging to fill up your trash or recycling (no need to figure out if something even is recyclable!). Use materials you already have in your home or office to print and you are done.

What People Have To Say

I contacted an Etsy customer who recently purchased printable bookmarks. I asked why she preferred them. She said she works in a print shop so she can easily print and laminate them to collect and to give as gifts. She said she has over 300 of them! What an amazing collection that must be.

Printable Pineapple Stationery

Here are two examples of printable pineapple stationery. Both are 8.5 x 11 inches and come lined or unlined. When you purchase these items, you get two pages in a PDF with the lined/unlined pages and you can print both or just one or the other.

You can purchase these from Etsy HERE and HERE.

Printable Pineapple Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a popular digital download / printable item on Etsy. They make great gifts for bookclubs, birthday party favors, book themed parties, and more. There zillions of bookmarks to choose from on Etsy in every style imaginable from inspiring quotes and images to flowers, to book themes, vintage library cards, animals, bible passages, and on and on! And of course there are printable pineapple bookmarks!

These (and a few more) can be found on Etsy HERE and HERE.

Printable Pineapple Things Of All Kinds

The varieties of printables are remarkable. Do a quick search on Etsy and you will find something that speaks to you. Stationery and bookmarks, placecards and stickers, journal and scrapbook pages, even one fabulous person who finds vintage (public domain) images and creates easy to use files for you to download and print or use in a piece of art, or whatever you like. Use key words like “Printables” “Digital downloads” “PLR” and “Templates” and you’ll be amazed.

Printables are an affordable way to find stationery, bookmarks, art images, scrapbook pages, journal pages, you name it! They are eco-friendly, instant and very affordable. Try them today!

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